Hunting  a treasure is not an easy thing. It is an outcome of a hectic process that entails deep digging and intensive search.  An effort that might lead to nothing mentionable, or to a wrong destination. But since Delta Life’s mission is to put you on ease, we deliberately made the treasure conspicuous and reachable.

Kenzak  is meant to make all your problems collapse. Kenzak is the result of a lot of hard work done from our side to help you secure your life, knowing that you are not only offered protection, but also flexible and effective investment channels.

Kenzak is a long term investment plan that fits different risk appetites, and works through various trustable channels.

Kenzak ….. Destination Well-Known




ALMAZ BOUQUET is a flexible medium to long term saving and protection plan, designed to secure the Education tuition fees for your children, whether it is schooling or university.

ALMAZ BOUQUET will help you offer better education for your children which should enhance their opportunities in the future.

ALMAZ BOUQUET ensures that schooling and University Tuition fees are secured in case of an unfortunate event (death and/or Disability).

At maturity of the policy you will receive the agreed upon University amount in addition to the returns of the investment.

In case of Death, Delta Life will pay the schooling fees that are set at the beginning of the policy to the school.

In case of Death and At maturity of the policy, your children will receive the agreed upon University amount in addition to the returns of the investment.

Almaz...Invest in the future of your kids




Aman Al Ghad

Your Today's responsibility is our's tomorrow

It was once said that future belongs to those who prepare for it today. In order for your future or your beloved ones’ future to flourish, you shall believe in it .. a belief that ought not to be relinquished. Believing in it will force you to take an action.. to prepare for it.

Delta Life is offering you Aman Al Ghad, a product that is designed basically to secure your future or your beloved ones’ future. We are looking forward to you having a bright & fruitful tomorrow with us.

Seize the opportunity and don’t cease it




Aman 3ala Tool

“ Benefit ” is sometimes meaningless. This meaninglessness is manifested in a benefit that comes in inappropriate time or lacks sustainability and survival. You are the best indicator of what benefits you the most.

Delta Life is offering you Aman 3ala Tool.. a product thatwe didn’t design.. you do. Aman 3ala Tool allows you to decide:

what is suitable for you?


How ?

A three question, you will answer yourself.

 Aman 3ala Tool …..You are the designer




 Aman El Yateem


The orphan is not the one who has no family; he is the one who is not helping.

To be an orphaned is to lack consideration not to lose family.

Delta Life Assurance places between your hands the opportunity to help.

 Aman El Yateem...Supporting them is your path to heaven



 Aman El Takaaoud

With Delta Life Assurance’s retirement plan we assure you and your family a consistent style of living after retirement.

Your golden age starts here as your retirement is considered the beginning of a secured, bright and peaceful future.

Aman El Takaaoud...Grow Your Future's Roots