Vision and Mission


We tenaciously believe in our ability to cause a paradigm shift in the Egyptian people’s perception of Life Assurance. Be the change you want to see is the construction of our mentality. Adhering to this principle is uncompromisable. Leadership in the very profound meaning of it which can’t be reduced to merely increasing profits, is our goal. Initiation, and value adding is our motto.

In light of this, and through the minds and hands of our management and employees, we are working on maintaining the perfect environment that can allow us achieve this leadership.


Maintaining the perfect environment that can allow us to achieve leadership in its very profound meaning operates through our daily efforts to serve our customers and to enhance our knowledge and skills. Taking good care of and developing our employees through various courses and activities is our current duty that we are doing our best to fulfill. We are strongly workingas well on increasing the awareness of the benefits of Life Assurance among our society through various marketing activities.

In light of this, and through caring and understanding, we are being very supportive to each other as we share the same goal, ethics and motivation. We’ll keep working hard with an open heart and mind to satisfy the needs of more customers, who through us get to be Insurance oriented and believers, by offering them financial security, independence and protection through a wide range of services and products.