CEO word

"  I would very much like to extend my great gratitude to each one of you. It has been a profound and fruitful year. It’s just a pleasure to be part of this amazing team. Together we were able to achieve Some of our goals and I strongly believe that we are still able to achieve the rest. I am extremely happy to see in front of me almost the exact same people who were sitting in front of me last year. I would like also to welcome our new calibers who joined us. Delta Life has been one of the leaders of the “ Life Assurance “ market since its establishment. We were born big, and our goal is to remain big. Our solid belief in what we are doing, framed by our sincere efforts will always be our inspiration to serve our fellow people.

I sincerely thank you again and wish you all luck and success.

Delta Life wasn’t born to survive, but was born to lead.

Thank you. “

Atef El-Zeibak

Mr. Atef El Zeibak's word at Delta Life annual event 2015